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Learn Techniques to Rapidly
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Did you ever feel like there must be some sort of language learning "gene" that makes it easier to for some people to learn languages than others?

The truth is, there's no such thing as a language learning "gene." Learning a language is not about having a superhuman memory or any other special abilities.

But there is a reason why some students pick up languages much more quickly and easily than others and it has everything to do with the way those students approach language study.

This course teaches practical language learning techniques that can be used by students at any level to improve their Spanish speaking skills.


Sandy Kolesar Sandy Kolesar, California

I had lost patience with traditional Spanish books and courses when I discovered your site. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a fresh approach to learning Spanish.

Tim Nolan Tim Nolan, Mexico

This completely changed the way I thought about “studying” Spanish.  Once you get used to it, this just makes way more sense.



Español Rapido! is a free course, delivered via email, that teaches you several unique approaches to learning Spanish. Over the next few weeks, you'll receive an email twice a week teaching a different technique along with actionable exercises for improving your Spanish.

The course is designed for students who are looking to develop practical language skills and have struggled to make progress with traditional language classes.

What You'll Learn:

Lesson 1: Why traditional language learning methods don't work - and how to fix them.
Lesson 2:  How to master Spanish conversation with the Dialogue Deconstruction Method
Lesson 3: How to improve grammar and retention with the Paragraph "Deep Dive"
Lesson 4: How to use the "Hollywood" technique to build fluency and confidence in speaking situations
Lesson 5: How to use the Kindle technique to build custom, context-based vocabulary lists
Lesson 6: How to put everything together into a complete learning system

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